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MICROSOL KOMPOST Blend of NP organic fertilizers (Mg-S) (7-15) with Boron (B), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn) and Zinc (Zn)

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MICROSOL KOMPOST is a blend of NP organic fertilizers with the most important meso and micro elements (Fe, Mg, B, Mn, S, Zn), essential for life processes and enzyme systems of the plants, in the form of especially soluble salts, naturally bound to ripe organic matrices. It addresses deficiencies that arise and prevents hidden ones, promoting the optimal physiological activity of plants; it is suitable for all crops requiring boron, iron, manganese, zinc and often subject to magnesium deficiency: grape, citrus, fruit, tobacco, flowers, ornamental plants.

• Packaging: kg 25-500
• Shape: minipellets

The high amount of humified organic carbon allows a proven natural protection of micro and mesoelements thanks to the formation of bounds with the humates, water-insoluble ones, therefore available over time for the plant, in accordance with its nutritional needs. Magnesium, essential for photosynthesis, plays an important storage function in the seeds and in the early stages of life or in the startup process of plants. It intervenes in the synthesis of proteins and glutamic acid. Sulphure, essential for the maintenance of the cell structure, joins in the creation of sulfur amino acids. Boron improves the fruit setting by acting on pollen germination and by stretching those pollen tubules which fertilize the ovary. It regulates the metabolism of sugars and carbohydrates, facilitating their tranfer into the organs which make use of them. Iron acts on chlorophyll synthesis, enhances the activity of the enzyme systems based on processes of oxide reduction. Manganese oxidative enzyme enhancer to develop auxins, intervenes in the biochemical processes of photosynthesis and respiration; it improves the storability of tubers and roots. ZINC adjusts the level of auxin and is involved in nitrogen metabolism. It takes part in respiratory processes, in the production of sugar and starch. It improves the absorption and transfer of phosphorus.

MICROSOL KOMPOST, while ensuring effective support for the development of the root system permits efficient exchanges between the latter and the circulating solution.