The manufacturing plants

UNIMER owns two modern plants strategically located along the Italian peninsula in the provinces of Treviso and Ascoli Piceno, for an area of over 100,000 Sq.Mts and a productive capacity that exceeds 120,000 tons per year.

The geographical location of the two plants guarantees significant advantages in terms of time to market and logistics cost reduction, whilst reducing the environmental impact of transports.

The brand new Arquata del Tronto plant is immersed in the beautiful Monti Sibillini, the Gran Sasso park and the Monti della Laga. The plant stands out for the modernity of the plant equipment and the choice of construction materials that perfectly fit the surrounding environmental context.

Its reopening, alongside the Vidor factory, allows UNIMER to step up once again as one of the largest European production realities in the sector. On the other hand, Vidor is immersed in the scenery of the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, which are a World Heritage Site.

The process stages are as follow:


The accurate oxygenation of the organic matrices allows their processing and the formation of humic substances precursors.


The formation of humic substances takes place through resynthesis and polymerisation processes, with fulvic and humic acids rich in phenolic, carboxylic, ketone, alcohol functional groups, able to react with mineral nutrient elements.


The highly humified organic matrices are mixed with the other organic and mineral components, by means of computerized control systems.


The efficacy of the reaction process is based on the properties of the humic substances to effectively combine with the mineral components and therefore ensure high nutrient protection thanks to the bonds between the functional groups of humic and fulvic acids and mineral elements.


Once a homogeneous amalgam of all the components is obtained, the production of minipellets, granules and grains takes place. Through industrial processes that have been refined over the years, UNIMER products enjoy excellent chemical, physical and agronomic features. Minipellets: The innovations in the pressing system allowed minipellet’s unique technical features: small size, superior compactness, high smoothness and spreadability.
Granules: with a revolutionary patented process (UNIGRAN), built on a special production line, UNIMER has succeeded in producing organo-mineral fertilizers complexed into a reliable, homogeneous and flowing granular form. Grains: the innovative and exclusive production process of grains has been studied to be also suitable when placing the product with precision machinery. Their small size allows for a greater exchange surface and leads to a more ready nutritional response.


The product is then sent to the industrial dryer to undergo a heat treatment of dehydration and sanitization.
The last dehydration takes moisture below 10%, thus ensuring the presence of nutritionally helpful substances (and very low water content) for the finished product, granting its constant features excellent management during distribution and storage. In respect of European health rules (EU Regulation no. 1069/2009 and subsequent amendments), UNIMER products are subjected to over one hour heat treatment at 70° C.


The product undergoes a regular phase of heat reduction, by means of a suitable system, before being packaged.


5/15/25/500 Kg bags.