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FLEXIFERT NP 9-21 with manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn)

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Large amount of humified organic carbon (humic and fulvic carbon)

FLEXIFERT 9-21 is an innovative organo-mineral fertilizer, aimed at meeting the needs of extensive crops such as wheat, corn, sorghum, sugar beet, sunflower, in soils with good levels of exchangeable and available potassium, which boasts the presence of ion exchange resins, in addition to the rich supply of organic carbon and humified organic carbon.

  • Packaging: kg 25-500
  • Shape: minipellets
  • NP ratio: 1 : 2,3

Ion exchange resins, thanks to their total ion exchange capacity increase the availability of nutrients for crops, positively influencing their nutritional balance. They improve soil structure and physical properties, by retaining water; they can influence the soil pH.

They thereby increase the efficiency of the nutrients in the soil and enhance the effectiveness of the organo-mineral fertilizers, in synergy with humified organic carbon, for long lasting protection of nutrients, available longer to crops which assimilate them when needed.

The nutrients nitrogen and phosporous, with microelements zinc and manganese, being widely available for the entire crop cycle, ensure optimum crop yield: the reduction of losses due to insolubility, leaching and volatilization allows flexibility to the fertilizing cycle with the option of applying it before the normal period of nutritional use, avoiding waste.