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ECOFERTIL Mixture of NP organic fertilizers (Ca-Mg) (10-2)

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Large amount of humified organic carbon (humic and fulvic carbon)

ECOFERTIL is an NP organic fertilizer containing potassium, calcium and magnesium, particularly suitable for use on both greenhouse and full field horticultural crops and for the spring fertilization of fruit trees, vines and olive trees and others crops. The product can be used both for certified organic farming and conventional agriculture when soil distribution of humified organic matter is requested beyond the nutrients application.

• Packaging: kg 25-500
• Shape: minipellets

ECOFERTIL contains a balanced amount of macrolements and the main mesoelements to support a harmonious development of the plant. The organic nitrogen becomes available relatively quickly allowing the use of the product also on short cycle crops. Also phosphorus, present mainly in an organic and microbially mineralizable form, is available for radical absorption. Potassium, naturally contained in the organic matrices, makes the formulation also suitable for fertilizing crops particularly demanding this nutrient. The nutritional profile of ECOFERTIL is completed by presence of calcium and magnesium. Calcium, a fundamental element in the constitution of cell membranes, raises the qualitative parameters of the production, improving pulp texture and post harvest conservation. Magnesium, the central element for chlorophyll photosynthesis, optimizes the vegetative growth and phosphorus metabolism.

The high content of organic carbon and the presence of humic, fulvic acids and humines stimulate the development of soil microorganisms, increase radical development and protect nutrients from insolubilization and leaching phenomena with considerable benefits for their nutritional availability.