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Large amount of humified organic carbon (humic and fulvic carbon)

EASY FERT is an organo-mineral NP fertilizer recommended for corn, sorghum, durum wheat and soft wheat, barley, oat, sunflower, alfalfa, sugar beet in soils with good levels of available and exchangeable potassium.

• Packaging: kg 25-500
Shape: minipellets/granules
NPK ratio: 1 : 2 : 0

Organic matrices (humified peat and composted green soil improver) together with a mixture of organic fertilizers are intimately bound with NP mineral fertilizers (diammonium phosphate and phosphatic scraps) resulting into a fertilizer with a high organic carbon amount, rich in humic and fulvic acids, able to ensure the optimal protection of nitrogen and phosphorus, enhancing the potential and nutrient efficiency for optimal agronomic yield. This fertilizer can therefore lead to:

high and extended nutrient availability for the entire crop cycle;

reduction of losses due to insolubility or retrogradation, caused by chemical/physical antagonism of the soil;

saving in fertilizer usage in relation to crop requirements and soil fertility levels;

reduced pollution of groundwater, being protected from leaching.