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Sustainable production of high quality corn.


UNIMER is involved in the Innovagri project "How to produce 20 tonnes of superior quality corn in a sustainable way" with its organo-mineral fertilizer AZTECO 10.5.15 of the AVANTAGE range - a well-known product among corn and rice farmers for its excellent production outcomes.

The Innovagri association was founded by a group of farsighted farmers from Lombardy (Italy) who wish to share their skills, to be an incentive for a modern, competitive, sustainable and in step with the times agriculture.

Innovagri project of sustainable corn productivity is highly innovative and represents a model of agronomic technology aimed to safeguard farmers ' income through high quality/quantity yields and at the same time to protect people and environment through the use of environmentally friendly products.
The high-profile of the initiative resulted in being presented within the scientific events of EXPO 2015.


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