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Combi Mais 7.0 Evolution


Unimer continues its partnership in the Combi Mais 7.0 Evolution project, an innovative sustainable cultivation protocol capable of simplifying the work of operators and achieving greater productivity, quality and profitability in the production of corn grain for food and livestock use.

Combi Mais is a multifunctional project, which touches the entire corn supply chain with the three product lines FOOD, BABY FOOD (intended for infant feeding) and FEED (zootechnics), covering all uses of corn.

The project confirms itself as an ideal model in the field of precision farming and demonstrates its propensity for innovation, selecting a grain of the highest quality from a nutritional point of view, thanks to the high content of antioxidant polyphenols.


With its fundamental contribution, Unimer provides a more targeted nutritional intake to put genetics in the best conditions for both physiological and productive performance. All this is possible thanks to nutrition with high-efficiency Unimer organo-mineral fertilizers, which are also in perfect harmony with the new European directives on plant nutrition, rich in precious humified organic carbon that protects the nutritional elements and makes them available. to the plant at the right time, mitigating the effects of recent climatic anomalies.

In addition to the already tested MICROLIFE (BIO soil improver enriched with microbial consortium for soil improvement) and the organic-mineral fertilizers FLEXIFERT 10-0-20 and SUPER AZOTEK N32 in mini-pellets, this year at the time of tillage it was distributed SUPER AZOTEK N32 in the brand new grain form, suitable for precision spreading, an organo-mineral fertilizer with a high humified organic carbon content, ideal for nitrogen fertilization of corn especially in areas subject to the "Nitrates Directive", which combines the characteristics of the different types of synthetic nitrogen with those of organic nitrogen.


To watch the premiere of this year's results on the 15th of October 2020 at 6 pm CET,  please register here.