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On September 21st, at Vigo Farm, home of COMBI MAIS experimentation in the last four years, there was the Open Day with the presentation of the results achieved this year,  with the usual partners: UNIMER, Syngenta, Netafim, Deutz Fahr, CIFO, Kuhn. The event was a success with the participation of so many operators in the sector and also of public authorities, particularly the Regional Agricultural Policy Advisor Dr. Fava, positively impressed by the potential of the project if applied on a wider scale. In fact, even though the ambitious target of 200 tons / ha was not achieved, 2017 harvest was judged positively compared to the market average. As a consequence of  the terrible drought recorded,  Combi Mais registered a 5% decrease vs prior year which compares with a 15% shortfall of the adjacent areas. This confirms COMBI MAIS IDROTECHNOLOGIES as a formidable profitability assurance even in critical years:  maximizing yield and quality, with no mycotoxins recordered in the four years, for the best quality of grain.

UNIMER contributed to the project with its highly effective organo-mineral fertilizers FLEXIFERT 10-0-20 and SUPERAZOTEK N32.