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Coltiviamo reddito - In Campo con il Consorzio Agrario


On August 24 and 25, Unimer will participate to the event " Coltiviamo reddito - In Campo con il Consorzio Agrario organized by the North East Agrarian Consortium, which has been very successful in the years 2012 and 2014 and represents one of the most important events for agricultural entrepreneurs, focusing on cereal crops to which several workshops will be dedicated.

L'Informatore Agrario, one of the partners of the event that sees the participation of the most important companies in the market, has devoted an article to the experience of the North East Agrarian Consortium in the cultivation of Hard Wheat, referring to the excellent results obtained in field trials at Az. Agricola Villa Bartolomea (VR), which provided  pre-sowing fertilization with our organo-mineral fertilizer NP WINNER, followed by the distribution of SUPER AZOTEK N32 and other nutrition interventions.

Once again an important proof of  the successful  combination  of  Winner & Super Azotek N32.