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During the  meeting held on May 9th in a very special "square", the Granaria Association , heart of the traditional cereal trade market of Milan, Mario Vigo, President of Innovagri and owner with his brother of the Folli Farm,  presented the project, the results so far achieved and the goals for the future, confirming  the ambitious objective  to obtain 20 tons/ha of high quality corn, out of the 30 hectares of cultivation in the FOLLI Farm.

The coordination of all activities was entrusted to the prestigious Institute of Agronomy at the University of Turin, led by Professor Amedeo Reyneri; the consolidated partners are  SYNGENTA, one of the world's leading agro-industry companies, who selected the SY BRABUS hybrid for grain production and crop protection products, NETAFIM, the world's leader of irrigation solutions, UNIMER, Italy's leading producer of solid soil organo-mineral fertilizer for organo-mineral nutrition, CIFO for fertigation and biostimulant support, KUHN, for the supply of simplified soil tillage machines, precision sowing and fertilization with precision farming, DEUTZ-FAHR, for the supply of the “green”tractor.

COMBI MAIS 4.0 production protocol foresees significant digital innovation: both Netafim  and Syngenta provide the agricultural entrepreneur with two digital platforms with the objective to indicate the right moments for irrigation and / or protection of the cultivation, critical actions to safeguard productive potential,  using information from sensors, satellites and databases.

UNIMER offers even more targeted nutrition to put genetics in the best physiological and productive performance with the high-efficiency  organo-mineral fertilizers, FLEXIFERT, with calcium and ion exchange resins, distributed in pre-sowing with Kuhn precision farming machine and SUPER AZOTEK N32, to provide adequate nitrogen support, which protected by the highly humified organic matrices remais longer available for corn nutrition needs.