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The presentation of   2014-2015 corn yield outstanding results of  Cazzola, an important farm  1,000 hectares wide, 550 corn sown, located in the Italian northern-east territory.  

Last season  was   characterized  by extreme climatic events, strong heat and drought,  unusual stresses to deal with,  resulting into an average 20% corn yield shortfall in Italy. Notwithstanding the adverse conditions,  Cazzola farm  was able to register extraordinary  results in the period.  The production data were presented in a meeting  on March 3rd ,2016 by Mr. Paolo Cazzola, owner of the farm, in front of Mr. Pavani Area Manager of  Consorzio Agrario  Nord Est (Verona, Italy), Mr.  Avanzini, Consorzio local Agent, Mrs Rosa Mazzali,  Unimer Area Manager and Mr. Renzo Boriani,  Unimer technical consultant.