News and events

The final event of COMBI MAIS project at Folli farming company of Vigo brothers.


Many farmers were present and showed great interest in the presentation of COMBI MAIS project and results. Although the ambitious target of producing 20 tons / hectare was not achieved, the results were considered satisfactory: the production compared to the market average was significantly higher, in a year when hot temperatures and severe drought  heavily  influenced corn yields.  

COMBI MAIS can proudly leave Expo with a gold standard protocol for corn production: better quality with reduced consumption of water and nitrogen, even in extreme weather conditions, therefore  the objective of  social, economic and environment sustainability was fully met.

At the  UNIMER stand, many farmers asked for information about our high-efficiency  organo-mineral fertilizers, very  impressed by the very tiny, regular sizes of the minipelles, granules and grains,  allowing direct use with precision machinery.  Their permanent features were also appreciated, thanks to the  meticulous moisture control, aided by UNIMER industrial dewatering systems: in fact our fertilizers contain only useful substances for plant nutrition and no water.