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The images, courtesy by Ambruosi Viscardi  farm in Massignano, province of Ascoli Piceno, need no comment. The fertilization plan, drawn up by Francesco  Ambruosi with Marco Valentini UNIMER Area Manager, foresaw for the six hectares of broccoli  600 Kg / ha of Diablo and 200 Kg / ha of Microlife, in presowing underground with the preparatory work; for the endive salad, also cultivated on six hectares, calcium nitrate  in addition to the same amount of our fertilizers, the same treatment for the four hectares of peppers.


Diablo, is an organo-mineral NPK fertilizer with meso (calcium and sulfur) and trace elements (boron, iron and zinc) essential to the setting and the photosynthetic activity that make it the ideal product for horticultural crops. The potassium sulphate, minimizing salinity and  chlorine, the good content of available phosphorus and gradual release nitrogen allow a balanced development and efficient ripening of sugars, starch and color . The nutritional units by reacting with the humified fraction of the organic substance acquire a remarkable degree of protection by allowing optimal agronomic performance.

Microlife of  Biounimer range , allowed in organic farming,  is a high quality soil improver exclusively  from cattle and horse manure: it does not come from factory farming. The addition of a microbial consortium enhances the natural richness in microflora and humic substances of the soil improver, favouring a significant  structural and micro-biological soil improvement.