At the root of success


UNIMER is an Italian company  that has been producing and selling fertilizers since 1969 and has always been leading that share of the green and ecological market.

Since it was estabilished, the company has decisively approached the market with a new pioneering way and a deep passion for the land and the agriculture.

UNIMER makes environment friendly products, focusing on crop sustainability and soil fertility preservation, while foreseeing EEC’s responsiveness, which first estabilished the rules of environment friendly fertilizers only in the early 1990s.




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Customer satisfaction: our greatest goal

Over the years UNIMER has been rewarded for all efforts carried out to achieve the company's vision, also thanks to the increasing support of the scientific world and European Union's enhanced awareness in favour of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers. The trust of our customers, who have understood and shared our farsighted view of the market evolution, is mirroring today in the wide distribution of UNIMER products, which are enjoying good feedbacks and brand loyalty. Italian and foreign customer satisfation confirms the excellent quality of UNIMER fertilizers, able to answer the growing needs of advanced agriculture, which is constantly demanding high technical performance and profitable returns on investment, while keeping a watchful eye on environmental and social responsibility.