Large amount of humified organic carbon (humic and fulvic carbon)

NP (Ca-Mg) 3-12 (8-2)



ARCADIA is an organo-mineral NP fertilizer with a large amount of humic and fulvic carbon with calcium and magnesium, to be used in organic farming. The NP ratio meets the needs of extensive crops.


• Packaging: 25-500 kg
• Shape: minipellets
• NPK ratio:1:4:0

Nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient units along with calcium and magnesium, while reacting with the humified part of organic matter (humic and fulvic acids and humins), acquire a considerable degree of protection.
The organic nitrogen from dried manure and meat meal, phosphorus particularly related to humified organic matrix, along with Ca and Mg mesoelements, here in natural form, contribute to create a balanced fertilizer able to meet the rhythms of crop absorption with due respect for the environment.
To improve the productive performance ARCADIA can be integrated with 4-6.000 kg/ha of ENDURANCE N 7, by gradual nitrogen release, both in compliance with the regulations of organic farming.
  • Crop: CEREALS

    Wheat, Barley, Oat, Triticum: Placed underground during  preparatory work.

  • Crop: ALFALFA

    Alfalfa: Placed underground in the pre-sowing stage during the first year, topdressing before vegetative revival from 2nd and 3rd year.


    Sunflower: Placed underground during late winter field preparation.


    Pea,  Broad bean and Field bean: Placed underground with preparatory work.

  • Crop: CORN

    Corn and Sorghum: Placed underground  during late winter field preparation.

  • Crop: SOY

    Soy:  Placed underground during late winter field preparation


Reference guidelines for individual crops are purely illustrative and are changeable, in relation to the needs, the fertility levels and the provisions of various regulations.

Organic fertilizers or soil conditioners: feeding farmed animals with herbage plants, or being taken across the pasture after the harvest is forbidden for at least 21 days after the application.

Do not dispose packaging in the environment. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.