Large amount of humified organic carbon (humic and fulvic carbon)

NPK (S) 7-12-18 (8) with iron (Fe)


PREMIER is an organo-mineral NPK fertilizer formulated to enhance the production processes of crops, such as photosynthetic activity, fruit enlargement and ripening and is therefore suitable for tomatoes, vegetables, vines, meadows and pastures.


• Packaging: 25-500 kg
• Shape: minipellets
• NPK ratio: 1 : 1,7 : 2,57

The optimal ratio between nitrogenous components and the prevailing amount of phosphorus and potassium along with iron contents, available for a long duration, aim to achieve a balanced development and an efficient maturation of sugars, starch and color.
The highly humified organic matrices (ripe dried poultry manure and humified peat), rich  in humic and fulvic acids,  reacting with  the mineral units ensure their protection over time, thus allowing optimal agronomic yields.
PREMIER allows:
  • a higher performance of the nutrient units;
  • reduction of losses due to insolubility, leaching and evaporation;
  • rationalizing the fertilization technique, with the option of moving forward its use from the plant nutritional usage;
  • greater fluency in the hopper, regular placement, thanks to the minipellets regular and very small sizes.

    Tree crops: Upon vegetative revival and/or at the end of summer (at least one month before the leaves fall).


    Vegetables:  During pre-sowing and/or pre-transplanting, placed underground with the preparatory work.

  • Crop: TOMATO

    Tomato: During pre-sowing and/or pre-transplanting, placed underground with the preparatory work.


    Extensive crops, meadows and pastures: In the pre-sowing stage or during early vegetative revival in the case of alfalfa, feed crops, meadows and pastures.

  • Crop: VINE

    Vine: Upon vegetative renewal and/or at the end of the summer (at least one month before the leaves fall).


Reference guidelines for individual crops are purely illustrative and are changeable, in relation to the needs, the fertility levels and the provisions of various regulations.

Organic fertilizers or soil conditioners: feeding farmed animals with herbage plants, or being taken across the pasture after the harvest is forbidden for at least 21 days after the application.

Do not dispose packaging in the environment. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.