Large amount of humified organic carbon (humic and fulvic carbon)



SUPER AZOTEK N 32 is an organo-mineral fertilizer with a high amount of humified organic carbon, thus combining the features of the different types of synthetic nitrogen with those of the organic nitrogen. It is particularly suitable for extensive crops such as cereals, corn, sunflower, fruit, but also olive and vegetable crops.


• Packaging: 25-500 kg
• Shape: minipellets

The richness in fulvic and humic acids, in addition to interacting positively in soil biochemistry, ensures the protection of nutrients.
It effectively counteracts the leaching and precipitation phenomena of nitrogen in soil and its evaporation into the atmosphere, thus making it available for the crop in harmony with its needs.
The presence of 2.5% inhibited nitrogen with NBPT (urease inhibitor) also leads to prolonged nutritional effectiveness, especially during critical periods of crop production setting. The improved uptake of nitrogen, as well as enhanced nutrient efficiency, allows a reduction of inputs with positive effects on cost reduction.
SUPER AZOTEK N 32 also brings a fair amount of elemental sulfur, synergic with nitrogen and essential for protein synthesis and for the effectiveness of nitrogen.

    Fruit trees: After the fruit-setting, placed underground.

    If necessary after harvest.


    Sunflower, Rapeseed:  Topdressing (as an alternative or as a supplement to pre-sowing fertilization).

  • Crop: CORN

    Corn, Sorghum: Placed underground in the pre-sowing stage.

    Corn: In early post emergency

    Sorghum: Topdressing (as an alternative or as a supplement to pre-sowing fertilization).

  • Crop: OLIVE TREE

    Olive tree: Placed underground when fruitlets show diameter of a chickpea.


    Vegetables: Topdressing.

  • Crop: SOY

    Soy: Topdressing (as an alternative or as a supplement to pre-sowing fertilization).

  • Crop: CEREALS

    Hard and soft wheat, Barley, Oats: Tillering, beginning of germination, placed underground.


Reference guidelines for individual crops are purely illustrative and are changeable, in relation to the needs, the fertility levels and the provisions of various regulations.

Organic fertilizers or soil conditioners: feeding farmed animals with herbage plants, or being taken across the pasture after the harvest is forbidden for at least 21 days after the application.

Do not dispose packaging in the environment. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.