Large amount of humified organic carbon (humic and fulvic carbon)

NP (S) 20-10 (10)


MAXI FERTIL is an organo-mineral NP fertilizer, made up of several nitrogen-based formulations and a phosphate component, intimately bound to the humified organic matter in order to meet the nutritional needs of crops throughout the life cycle, especially in those soils with good levels of available and exchangeable potassium.


• Packaging: 25-500 kg
• Shape: minipellets
• NP ratio: 2 : 1 : 0

The protection of the nutrients given by humified organic matter improves and harmonizes their performance, providing a significant saving of fertilizer usage and obtaining excellent results in the crop yield.
MAXI FERTIL brings the following nutrients:
  • a balanced ratio between the nitrogenous components and specifically the presence of organic nitrogen and urea nitrogen (partly inhibited with NBPT), providing an effective nutrition  throughout the biological cycle of the crop;
  • phosphorus, integrated with the humified organic matter does not revert to insoluble tricalcium phosphate, a phenomenon that occurs especially in calcareous soils.
Thanks to the regular and very small sizes of the minipellets, it is suitable for mechanical deployment on both an open field and on a precision farming level.

MAXI FERTIL brings elemental sulfur which works in combination with nitrogen and is essential for protein synthesis.


  • Crop: CITRUS

    Citrus fruits: End of winter, placed underground.

  • Crop: BEET

    Beet: At  sowing, placed underground.

  • Crop: CEREALS

    Wheat, Barley and Oat: At sowing or tillering, placed underground.


    Sunflower, Rapeseed: At  sowing, placed underground.

  • Crop: CORN

    Corn:  Localized during sowing. 

    Sorghum: In pre-sowing, placed underground. 


    Hazel tree: End of winter, placed underground.

  • Crop: OLIVE TREE

    Olive tree: End of winter, placed underground.


    Field crops: After transplanting, placed underground.

  • Crop: POTATO

    Potato: At sowing, placed underground. Topdressing (hilling)

  • Crop: MEADOWS

    Meadow: Placed underground at vegetative revival for permanent meadows.

    Placed underground at sowing for annual meadows.

  • Crop: RICE

    Rice: Topdressing.

  • Crop: SPINACH

    Spinach: Placed underground at sowing.


Reference guidelines for individual crops are purely illustrative and are changeable, in relation to the needs, the fertility levels and the provisions of various regulations.

Organic fertilizers or soil conditioners: feeding farmed animals with herbage plants, or being taken across the pasture after the harvest is forbidden for at least 21 days after the application.

Do not dispose packaging in the environment. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.