Physical shape of Unimer fertilizers

Through industrial processes that have been refined over the years, UNIMER products enjoy excellent chemical physical and agronomic features, and today are available in minipellets enjoying unique features: extremely small and regular sizes (below 4 mm), superior compactness, smoothness and spreadability, for the best satisfaction after their use.

Furthermore the exclusive and innovative production of grains allows direct use, with precision machinery.

With the reopening of Arquata del Tronto plant, granules production returns available.

The meticulous moisture control, aided by industrial dewatering systems, gives UNIMER fertilizers permanent features, because what they have inside are only useful substances for plant nutrition and without water.

UNIMER fertilizers allow a very manageable distribution and storage, avoiding cases of packing density and fermentation odor; in the complex process of humification of organic matrices that labile and fermentable part of organic matter is reduced along with its bad odor, and the pathogenic microflora is destroyed.





The essential stages of pelleting and drying in a temperature controlled oven aims at the optimal conditioning of the finished product, to make it perfectly suited to its storage, spreading and processing into the soil.

The innovations in the pressing system allowed the production of minipellet unique technical features:

-small size
-superior compactness
-high smoothness and spreadability




A special production line manufactures the granular products.  With a revolutionary patented process (UNIGRAN) Unimer has succeded in producing organo-mineral fertilizers in granular form, using high quality organic matrices. The result is a line of organo-mineral fertilizers (AVANTAGE) with highly protected mineral nutrients, humified organic carbon contents of exceptional quantity and quality, complexed into a reliable, homogeneous and flowing granular form.

UNIMER granule combines agronomic and physical excellence.

The innovative process of production of the exclusive grains by UNIMER, has been specially studied to be also suitable when placing the product with precision machinery.The grains have in fact standard sizes (2-3 mm) and keep the same particular features of UNIMER’s organo-mineral fertilizers in the shape of minipellet and granules.

The small size allows for a greater exchange surface, and leads to a more ready nutritional response.


The high skills in technical matters, research and product development, together with the flexibility of two production facilities give UNIMER an unsurpassed ability to respond quickly and efficiently when it is necessary to formulate specific products for soils showing nutrient deficiencies, thus requiring micro-meso elements additions.
The company offers highly professional agronomy advice for any requirement of the farmer.
Important Italian and foreign companies outsource the production of their ecological fertilizers to UNIMER.