Our history

UNIMER, one of Italy's leading producers and marketers of ecological fertilizers, was founded in 1969 and owns two modern plants which are strategically located along the Italian peninsula in the provinces of Treviso and Ascoli Piceno, for an extended area of over 100,000 sq.mts., thus ensuring a productive capacity that exceeds 100,000 tons per year.

The company has a long and valuable experience in the field of plant nutrition, thanks to a farsighted vision of market developments: environment-friendly fertilizers, which qualified according the EEC legislation in the early 90 's, were in fact conceived and initiated by UNIMER way back in 1969, and are now imitated by almost all producers in the sector.

With its complete range of solid soil  fertilizers, traditional organo-mineral ones (SIAPOR and AVANTAGE ranges) and organic ones (BIOUNIMER range), soil conditioners and microelements (MICROSOL), UNIMER has the widest and most articulated offer in this market segment, thus meeting the technical, economic and environmental needs of the most advanced agriculture.

In line with its corporate philosophy, based on the criteria of sustainability and preservation of crop fertility, UNIMER has designed FLEXIFERT a new range of organo-mineral fertilizers that stands out for the use of ion-exchange resins. These organic macromolecules are indeed a profitable application in plant nutrition, bringing several advantages to agriculture.

UNIMER fertilizers are available, according to their formulation, in powder, minipellets and grains. They provide a finished product which boasts excellent chemical-physical-agronomic features in all the available versions.

Our meticulous moisture control, aided by industrial dewatering systems, gives UNIMER fertilizers permanent features and a very manageable distribution and storage, avoiding cases of packing density and fermentation smell, because what they contain are only substances useful for plant nutrition and no water.

The well established collaboration with the best market distributors is the most solid image of a tradition that projects into the future.

Our cooperation with agricultural chemistry research institutes of prestigious universities and with the most specialised laboratories in the agronomic field, the integrated quality management certification  by DNV GL, one of the first certification company in the world,  assure our customer the conscientious fulfillment of our mission, as well as UNIMER’s goals of quality and innovation.