Increasing efficiency of the nutritional units

The result of the production process and, in particular, the reaction  between the organic and the mineral componens  is the "protection" of mineral nutrients, that once placed in soil keep linking to humic complexes and overcome  the "negative" soil interaction (precipitation, insolubility, leaching, evaporation) thus remaining available for a long time.

As a result, the plant manages the elements uptake in time of need, by issuing root exudates that can determine the "nutritional contact" with the elements they require, separating them from the humic complex they are protected by. Therefore nutrient ions are released directly from the plant that leads the exchange. 

The humic protection and the mechanism of action that regulates the transfers follows the rhythms of the crop absorption adapting to its physiology and increasing efficiency in the nutritional units.

UNIMER organo-mineral fertilizers provide the best possible assimilation of nutrients, thus saving on mineral fertilizer usage.